Tigomigo Studio

  • Estudi Tigomigo 2016. Exposición de Lola Guerrera
  • Estudi Tigomigo
  • Estudio Tigomigo en Swab2016
  • Estudi Tigomigo. Exposición de Irene Pérez

Estudio Tigomigo is a project born from the passion for art, beauty and sharing unique moments that make us laugh, grow, think.

It is open to beauty collectors and those who looks forward unique moments and experiences. And also open to those who have not yet discovered that they are.

We like to support young creators but above all, we love support artists who make us vibrate with their proposals. Artist that question the world and make it a little better and more beautiful. So between these walls they fit all kinds of techniques, forms, projects.

We believe that art should be experienced, so we love that the four walls of Tigomigo throb with concerts, recitals, performances, screenings, workshops …

Tigomigo study is a shelter. A den to shelter from the noise and find special items: books published with passion and delicacy, ceramic pieces made with care, unique jewelry.

Tigomigo is also a free soul, restless, which likes to travel. So he has participated in Swab 2015 and Swab 2016, and hopes to keep flying far away.

Do you want to fly with us?