Plastic state

  • Estado Plástico de Natalia Carminati
  • Estado Plástico de Natalia Carminati. Estudio Tigomigp
  • Estado Plástico de Natalia Carminati
  • Estado Plástico de Natalia Carminati
  • Estado Plástico, de Natalia Carminati

In industry, plastic state refers to the state that can achieve certain synthetic materials when they are viscous or fluid and therefore have no resistance properties to mechanical stress. This state is ideal for different production processes and the material can be handled and adapted to existing concrete forms.

State Plastic exposure presents a sculptural installation and two pictorial installations that reflect the human body as one of these materials capable of entering into a plastic state. Thus, the work shows the body as an instrument or manufactured object has these properties of elasticity and flexibility that allow it to be molded and adapted to different forms and applications of reality.

Ego, in construction
is a sculptural installation that reflects a reality amputated warnings, rules and prohibitions that are projected in our personal stage as visual limitations and invisible barriers that prevent us from reaching our true self. The installation proposes a reality that creates manikins white as a metaphor for a neutral and dehumanized me.

Memotest installation that shows the relationships between human bodies forming compositions that suggest prefabricated scenes. The relations between bodies are established from the spatial coincidence reflecting emptiness and superficiality.

The Origin of the World Cries establishes a dialogue between two reversals of Gustave Courbet’s work. On the one hand, it reflects the aggression to which the female body is involuntarily subjected response to religious practices inherited from the past. And on the other hand, questions the aggression to which a lot of women voluntarily submit their body  in response to parameters that regulate the value of beauty.

The work of Natalia Carminati is interested in identifying and socio-cultural behaviors that reflect invisibilización processes and act as a mirror of reality. Status Plastic, meets three works to denounce as actual reality dominates and shapes the human body transforming it into a mere object.