What is to come. And it’s already five seasons!


August arrives and with it the cannula, that temporary space with the name of a star that usually leaves us with sticky skin and happily scrambled hair with the smell of salt. And with all this comes the time to look a little forward, towards the new season of contemporary art that awaits us in Tigomigo.

A season that for Tigomigo will be the fifth. How big that number sounds. There are so many wonderful things that start like this: Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, New York’s Fifth Avenue … Our fifth season will also be great, we are sure of it. Because we are accompanied by artists of firmness and heartbreaking sensitivity. And who are they? Here we give you their names.

Teresa Puig will open the season. This Catalan artist based in Norway will present Conversations, an exhibition that deals with spaces that are intangible but that we can perceive.

Winter will bring us back to Irene Pérez. Tigomigo will host this artist for the second time with a project full of complicities. Irene’s exhibitions are much more than that, they are community exercises. Performative readings, fanzines workshops, basin stories, meetings of comadres, accompanied visits or a game night are some of the events that will embrace an exhibition entitled “Seeds for resistance”.

With February will come the magnetic photographs marked by omnipresent blacks of Thierry Dana. Black and white photographer, we met his work thanks to one of the Allaus organized together with the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya.

In April we will look again towards our city and towards one of the artists most committed to its cultural network: Gabriel Verderi. This year we saw him participate in the first interference of the cycle 2 + 2 = 5 winner of the Terrassa Comissariat 2019 and next year we will have the honor of hosting his first individual exhibition in Tigomigo.

And we will close the season also with an Egaran accent and the textile pieces by Andrea Eimke.