Terrassa pays tribute to Joana Biarnés


Yesterday, September 6, opened the exhibition of the egarense photographer Joana Biarnés in Sala Muncunill. An appointment that we could not (and did not want!) lost.

Under the heading Face, the place, the time, Terrassa City Council pays tribute to the first Spanish photojournalist. A woman who was virtually unknown, these unfair vagaries of our memory and our history, until the investigation into the 62 floods rescued his name.

The exhibition includes about seventy black and white images that were published in the 60s and seventies in the weekly Por qué?, the magazines Ondas and Semana, and the newspapers ABC and Gente.

A woman in a man’s world

Joana Biarnés was a pioneer. She worked in a man’s world and had to deal with sexism in the gray years of Franco. She faced situations that seem ridiculous today, if it were not because they are not so distant, as when a referee stopped a football match because the photographer was a woman.

He was stubborn, fearless and intelligent. It was the woman who managed to sneak into the room of the Beatles on his visit to Spain; which after photographing the worst flood in the history of the country was hitchhiking to Barcelona to reveal the pictures; who, feigning A tourist, managed to photograph Polanski after the murder of his wife.

His reporting led her to places like Hollywood, Mexico and Moscow. And her lens portrayed characters like Rafael, Serrat, the Beatles, Clint Eastwood or Jack Lemon.

He was also a woman of principle. In 1985, when a newspaper chose photographs of Lola Flores dressed Wiseman instead a report about cancer sick children decided to leave photography and focus on his other passion: cooking.

Joan Biarnés file, stays in Terrassa

During the inauguration, the photojournalist announced it will donate the photographic archive of his father, photographer Joan Biarnés, to the city. Good news for art lovers of the city.

The exhibition will be displayed in the Sala Muncunill until November 2. And if you’ve been wanting more, do not forget to check out the teaser of the report prepared by the REC production.