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La mirada fotográfica. Estudio Tigomigo. @Paulo Cacais

Labyrinths. An exhibition of Paulo Cacais

A month ago now opened Laberints, the first solo exhibition of Paulo in Sala Soler i Palet (Terrassa). It was the end to months of creativity, nervousness, insomnia and thrilled.

Since time immemorial we have been attracted by the riddles. The unknown power over us magnetic, dark and disturbing attraction. Labyrinths summon two feelings: fear of the unknown and the need to know. That is precisely what Paulo wanted to provoke in the viewer: that strange combination of vertigo and seduction.

The labyrinth is the quintessential search for oneself. Meet our monsters is, perhaps, the most important challenge we face. So the exhibition offers a journey from the darkness of the streets where we live, that frame of cement, loneliness and encounters, to the solitude of oneself. The turning point in the track is the Cheshire Cat, who asks us from above. Past the threshold there will be no turning back, the pictures are more intimate, more starkly honest.