Valeria Brancaforte



Valeria Brancaforte (Italy, 1966) grew fascinated by light and color. Degree in Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Milan in 1990 found in the linocut an open window that allowed him to release his creative universe through their own artist’s books. Since then, from their hands are born books and prints in limited editions where word and illustration blend with beauty and mastery.

Fascinated by the expressive power of the typographical sign, and its artistic and semantic values, his work is characterized by the key role of typography.

Through spellers that she creates, she reinterprets classics of world literature and poetry with illustrations of simple lines and flat colors. An unmistakable aesthetic for a unique, deeply moving and heartfelt work.

Through the expressive lines of its gouges they have passed the verses of Shakespeare, the Analects of Confucius or the tales of Tolstoy, among others. Valeria manages to add beauty to these texts of world literature.

Clearly self-taught vocation, she has expanded its expertise in the arts at the Escola Llotja and Centro di Arti Incisorie. The illustrated book was for her a true wealth and inspiration, along with German expressionism, Russian avant-garde and Arte Povera and the visual richness of the Sicilian folklore.

Sicilian by birth and Milanese by adoption, he lives and works in Barcelona since 2003. His works have been exhibited in Spain, Italy, England and Germany, principally, and are present in several international collections, both