Lola Guerrera



Lola Guerrera has a name that prevents us: she is a terribly sensitive to poetry strong woman, feisty, passionate. As their images are.

His career is spectacular. Since graduating in 2004 in Audiovisual Communication and finalized the International Master of Photography “Creation and Concept” EFTI, in 2008, she has not stopped exposing.

His images have captivated both within the Spanish state (Madrid, Malaga, Cordoba, Vitoria …) and abroad (Berlin, Italy, England, Guatemala, Singapore, Cambodia, Korea, Mexico …). It is not surprising because Guerrera speaks the universal language of poetry.

The list of awards and scholarships has achieved is long and impressive: First Prize of Photography Foundation AENA 2014, Finalist Year in Review Art Competition in New York in 2012, second Caminos prize Iron in 2011, are just some of them.

His photographs have been acquired by collectors and private institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Malaga or the National Arts Center of Mexico. They also have been published in prestigious journals such as Blink, Réponses Photo Magazine or Wallpaper.

His works and his career also have the power to reconcile us with reality. They make us to belive, for a moment, that poetic justice is not exclusive to fiction. That hard work, talent, perseverance are also rewarded in the whitewater and often dangerous seas of contemporary art.

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