The vulnerable



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In view of my inability to understand the great immensity around our existence, I hold the only certainty that exists: time and our unavoidable ending.
Lola Guerrera.

Memento Mori. Remember you will die. But above all, remember that you’re alive.

That’s what the images of the photographer Lola Guerrera seem to whisper. Flowers, seeds and leaves become galaxies and metaphors that warn us of the transience of life.

The Vulnerable is an essay on the ephemeral, on time and man’s vulnerability through poetry and image. Lola Guerrera, as a taxidermist of beauty, dissected landscapes built through the light that captures her camera.

Because Lola is, above all, a creator of metaphors. An eternal Penelope turned into ivy and laurel, wait, woman and chair camouflaged in a crying wait. Our bed as our last refuge, symbolic lair, unable to protect us from our own fragility. The universe reduced to a constellation of petals doomed to shrivel. The broken wings of a fallen angel.

Unlike Vanitas seventeenth century, these metaphors remind us of the brevity of existence whispering words of hope.

Lola Guerrera photographs manage to awaken slumbering notes in the viewer. So we can only wish one thing: let yourself be seduced.