Fomos ficando sós



From Wednesday to Saturday
Afternoons from 16 to 20:30

Thursday and Saturday
Moornings from 10 to 14

So begins one of the most famous lines of Manoel Antonio. So begins the exhibition you cal see in Tigomigo until 12 December.

The artists Ana Varela and Paulo Cacais reinterpret verses of the Galician poet conjuring the saltpeter, strength and darkness of the ocean.

In the center of the project beats an artist book based on the poems De catro to catro. Manoel Antonio’s poems sail on waves of foam paper. Four nauticals charts – silence, oblivion- contemplate this journey into the unknown and death. Thus, Varela pays tribute to the figure of the muted Galician poet.

It is accompanied by the photographs of Paulo Cacais. The photographer explores the subtle range of intensities of black and leads us to the wreck. An Atlantic, wild and intimate look on the wreck, struggle, beauty and death.