Enganar a tristeza



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Enganar a tristeza. Paulo Cacais. Estudi Tigomigo

After an evening of wines, ramblings about art, memories and battles, someone said goodbye saying “we continue cheating sadness.” That was the seed. The result? An exhibition that we wanted to show for years in the walls of Tigomigo and that will be visible until April 7.

The first solo exhibition by Paulo Cacais in the hall proposes a narration in three acts. A round-trip. Because at the end of the exhibition, the artist offers us a new reading key that forces us to retrace our steps in order to look at the images from a new perspective.

Enganar a tristeza (‘Deceiving sadness’ in Portuguese) is one more step in the career of an artist whose works have been exhibited in Andorra, Toledo, Barcelona and Terrassa, among others.

All the secrets of the exhibition

Paulo Cacais guides us through the exhibition so you can discover how Enganar a tristeza was born and the secrets that hide its images. Video in spanish.