Textile art


  • Imagen de la exposición (des)connexions de Irene Pérez
  • Imagen de la obra de Irene Pérez (des)conexiones


From Wednesday to Saturday
Afternoons from 16 to 20:30

Thursday and Saturday
Moornings from 10 to 14
16:00 – 20:30

In (dis)connection, the latest project of Irene Pérez, the artist explores the ideas of isolation and relationship and bond. The exhibition has been created specifically for the space and philosophy of Tigomigo Studio and consists of three sections: exhibition, residence and activities.

Through two textile works in constant production and growth – Under Water and Expansive Wave – the artist speaks of the search for solitude and, at the same time, the need to communicate and build relationships.

As part of the (dis)connections project she has worked in the studio in residence. The residency consisted not only of Irene Pérez using the exhibition space as a working studio, but to put into practice the ideas behind the project. As a performative act, she would work respectively on the Underwater and Expansive Wave pieces whenever there were no visitors or she had company in the gallery .