And this weekend… Swab!


Estudio Tigomigo en Swab

Yes, this weekend Tigomigo participate again in Swab, the International Contemporary Art Fair in Barcelona. So if you’re hungry for new things, you want to discover artists and performances you have an appointment at Montjuic.

This year we come back with the work of Lola Guerrera under the curatorship of Alvaro Gurrea in the program So far, so close.

We leave you a little explanation of Lola’s work, it’s much better that you watch the live images.

The last frontier, light

We live in a world of borders: real and imaginary, geographical, political, linguistic, economic… A world fragmented by boundaries, categories, barriers, boundaries; subject to stresses and forces that are repeated in every human being. But, the most obtuse borders, the steepest cliffs, are those who live in each of us.

All our potential, the whole universe of realities that we could live, fit in a heartbeat. But so do all jaws that prevent us from achieving them, all our fears, our chains. This is our last frontier.

A border that does not appear on any map: invisible, magnetic, moody, ethereal. Unachievable and close. So far, so close.

In this project, Lola Guerrera uses light as a metaphor for that final frontier. Recreating the immensity of the constellations (the last horizon of the known universe, overwhelming and seductive as an abyss), Lola Guerrera manages to suggest the isolation and fragility feeling that haunts humans.

So far, so close is therefore a way to relate the infinitesimal and absolute. By building galaxies and timeless spaces, the artist also reflects what terrifyingly intimate and personal.

In this project work Lola Guerrera takes decisively a new path. This is not a sudden movement but a smooth and progressive rotation of the eyes. From the reflection on the ephemeral and vulnerable it is born a more introspective, more abstract look. A search for the essentials. Taking light as raw material, the artist returns to the origins, both philosophical and material.

The last frontier, ourselves.